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Comisión de Promoción del Perú para la Exportación y el Turismo (PROMPERU)
Instituto Geológico Minero y Metalúrgico (INGEMMET)
Cámara de Comercio Canadá Perú

In recent years, Peru has gained a leading position in the mining industry worldwide, reflecting not only the country’s rich geological potential, but also its competitiveness in terms of operating costs, human talent and expertise, and the attractive legal and tax regimes it maintains. This leadership is demonstrated by the following facts: Peru is considered to be the second largest copper, silver and zinc producer worldwide; the largest gold, zinc, lead and tin producer in the region; the country with the largest silver reserves worldwide; and the largest in gold, zinc, lead and molybdenum in Latin America. Thus, the outlook in the mining subsector remains promising for the coming years, and will bring about great opportunities for investors and a greater benefit for Peru’s development.
 As mining investment is a fundamental part of our economy, whether through the exploration of mineral resources and/or the construction of projects, we seek to encourage a continuous contribution of mining to the economy in a framework of good governance and sustainable development (that takes into consideration the inherent economic, social and environmental aspects). Thus, we aim to secure the 43 investments made in mining projects, including new mining construction, expansion or mine replacement projects, plus the reuse of tailings, all of which we have presented in the “Mine Construction Project Portfolio 2021” for a total of US$53 billion over the next ten years.
Furthermore, the mining sector foresees greater expansion and better opportunities for investors in various regions of the country, as well as immense potential for future exploration, based on the fact that our mineral resources (precious and base) are diversified, that only 1.3% of the subsoil granted is in the exploration (0.3%) and exploitation (1%) stages, that cutting-edge technology is being used and innovation is encouraged. The mining sector also seeks to relate more effectively with its environment (including with other economic activities).
Welcome to Peru, a global leader in the mining industry! 

The Ministry of Energy and Mines declared of interest its participation in the international event "PDAC 2022 Annual Convention" to be held in Canada, through R.M. N° 445-2021-MINEM/DM and R.M. N° 094-2022-MINEM/DM .


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